Requesting a Specific Driver

This is not supposed to work. The idea is that you just request the ride and the Uber or Lyft app will help you find a driver. So, to request a specific driver a cheat must be used.

Instructions for Requesting a Specific Driver

  1. Call your driver first. You can use 833-510-7433. Tell him to meet you at your pickup spot.
  2. Once your driver arrives, verify it is him before getting in. If anything seems off, tell the guy he's the wrong one and call us back.
  3. Assuming it's all good, open your Uber or Lyft rider app and request the ride. What should happen is that your driver gets the ride notification and accept the ride.
  4. Have a Safe Ride!

Will Transit Webb have its own app?

Alan Webb, our founder, has started prototyping an app focused on improving the experience for both the driver and his or her riders.


At the start, tipping was discouraged. Since 2017 or so, both Uber and Lyft support tipping through their apps. We try to ensure our drivers make a living wage so that they don't depend on tips.


Please keep in mind that you are riding in a private vehicle used by the public. Be kind to your fellow passengers by:

  1. The safest place to sit is in the right, rear passenger seat.
  2. Taking your trash with you
  3. Avoid doing anything before the ride that would create an offensive smell for the passengers that follow you. If you stink of marijuana then we will cancel the ride.
  4. A car seat is required for children under the age of 7. A rear facing car seat is required for children under the age of two.
  5. Our cars are non-smoking cars
  6. Please resist the urge to eat or drink during your ride.
  7. We cannot allow any open containers.
  8. If you are under 18 you must be accompanied by an adult.
  9. Buckle Up for Safety!
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