The Age Test

The Age Test

The Boomer Age Test

  1. Ricky Recardo of "I Love Lucy" was from:
  2. Green Stamps are:
  3. How often would the post office deliver the mail until 1950:
  4. FedEx started delivery on:
  5. Curta is a brand name of:
  6. True or False, you could smoke on an airplane before 1988.
  7. How do you change the channel on a TV made before 1950?

The Gen X Age Test

  1. Microsoft was started by:
  2. The iPod launched in 1979 and was an early IBM external hard drive.
  3. Elvis led the Billboard Top 100 hit list in 1997
  4. MTV's top 3 videos in 1997 were:
  5. The most popular college major in 1997 was:
  6. In 2015, Mashable picked which technology product as the most outstanding?
  7. Pepsi launched this version of its cola drink in 1992.

The Gen Y Age Test

  1. Before 2001 you could rent movies by?
  2. The number one song on the Billboard Top 100 in 1984 was?
  3. George Orwell's dystopian novel about the year 1984 was titled?
  4. The Razor was a?
  5. Who was the star of the 2001 film, "Legally Blonde"?
  6. In 1988 the Speaker of the House of Representatives was?
  7. You could stream music on Spotify in 1982?

The Gen Z Age Test

  1. What did Kylie Jenner name her baby?
  2. What does "smh" mean?
  3. On which show did Selena Gomes get her start on?
  4. What was the most popular toy in 2009?
  5. In 2011, what was the most downloaded app on phones?
  6. What was the most popular car in 2003?
  7. Was Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House in 2008?